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  • Is Krav Maga suitable for beginners?
    Yes, Krav Maga is suitable for beginners. Our classes are designed to accommodate individuals of all ages and skill levels, from all walks of life.
  • How long does it take to learn Krav Maga?
    The time to learn Krav Maga varies depending on individual dedication and practice. Proficiency can be gained over several months of regular training. Krav Maga, unlike most of the martial arts, is a very fast-progressing system. Krav Maga focuses on learning and practicing effective techniques in realistic training. We teach self-defence techniques that you can learn straight away and walk away with from your very first class.
  • Are there any age restrictions for learning Krav Maga?
    We offer classes for both adults and children, with age-appropriate programs tailored to each group. The minimum age for training with Rise Up Krav Maga is 4 years old.
  • Do I need any prior martial arts experience to join?
    No previous experience in martial arts or combat sports is necessary to join our Krav Maga classes. Our instructors will teach you exactly what to do so you will pick things up very quickly and develop at your own pace.
  • Is it safe to train Krav Maga?
    It is definitely safe to train Krav Maga. Our classes are structured for a progressive learning environment where safety is our number one priority. It’s the nature of an activity like Krav Maga that accidents can happen but as long as you follow the instructor’s guidance and respect your training partner you will be fine.
  • What do I need to bring to class? What should I wear?
    Wear comfortable workout attire, such as t-shirts, sweatpants or shorts, and sneakers or training shoes. KMG (Krav Maga Global) make excellent training trousers, shorts and dri-fit shirts which most students eventually choose to train in. These can be purchased in person at the end of your first class. For your safety, we recommend watches and jewellery be removed, or if unable to be removed, must be taped up or covered. We also recommend bringing a workout towel and plenty of water to drink as you'll be working up a sweat.
  • How does Krav Maga differ to other martial arts? Is it used competitively?
    Krav Maga is not a competitive/combat sport or martial art. The goal of Krav Maga is to become able to protect yourself and others when facing a real threat or violent confrontation. So it is not about lasting several rounds in front of an opponent in the ring. Therefore Krav Maga training is about preparing your body and your mind so you can successfully deal with a real aggression or a threat in the street. Krav Maga training focuses on realistic scenarios and attacks, developing the self-defence mindset, and developing the skills you need to survive an attack.
  • How often should I attend Krav Maga classes?
    The more you put into training the better you will become. Of course everybody has different amounts of time that they can invest in training, but to really get the benefit and make progress you should train at least once a week as a minimum, if you're serious about developing skill, retaining knowledge, and making real progress.
  • Is Krav Maga suitable for women?
    Absolutely! Krav Maga is a self-defence system that anybody can use. It does not rely on size or strength to overcome your attacker, but simple instinctive techniques that anybody can learn. It is designed to empower individuals of any gender, size, or physical condition and it is a perfect system for women to learn in order to become safer and be able to defend themselves effectively.
  • Are there grading belts in Krav Maga?
    Krav Maga Global does not use a belt system. Instead we use a patch system of levels to keep track of students’ progress. There are 5 practitioner levels, P1-P5, 5 graduate levels (mostly instructors) G1-G5, and 5 expert levels (high level instructors) E1-E5. We also use a similar patch system for our kids and teen students. Please see the KMG Grading System page for more information.
  • Can I try a class before committing to regular training?
    Absolutely! We offer a free trial lesson for all our regular classes (not including Combat Tactics). You can book your free trial class here.
  • How fit do I need to be?
    Krav Maga is suitable for everybody. Whatever your current fitness level you can train entirely at your own pace. Even if it’s been years since you last did any physical exercise, our training sessions are perfectly adaptable to you. Having said that, after a few months of training with us you will notice a huge improvement in your fitness.
  • Is Krav Maga suitable for people with physical limitations or disabilities?
    Training can be adapted to accommodate individuals with physical limitations or disabilities. It is recommended to discuss any specific concerns with our instructors prior to the beginning of class.
  • Can I suspend my direct debit membership if I'm going to be away?
    Yes. We require at least 2 weeks notice in writing to suspend your direct debit membership.


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