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rise up krav maga private lessons


Develop, test and hone your hand-to-hand combat skills through partner drills and sparring sessions. This class is open to our adult members who have graded in our KMG training system and is aimed to improve their fighting proficiency for fitness and self-defence purposes. With guidance from our experienced and certified Krav Maga Global Fighting & Combat Instructor, your Krav Maga abilities will significantly progress and prepare you for potentially violent confrontations.

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Our goal is to train students to become proficient in both standing and ground combat and equipping them with a variety of skills to handle any potentially dangerous situation. Students will acquire a range of tactics to de-escalate, disarm, or subdue threatening individuals. They will learn:

  • Offensive & defensive techniques

  • Weapon defences

  • How to deal with multiple attackers

  • Situational awareness

  • Ground fighting

  • Stress training

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